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Producer and supplier of vegetable oils, oilseeds, animal feeds, nuts and kernels. All our products are made of the best ingredients world-wide available. Our oils are packed from 500 ml till 22 ton flexi tanks. Our high quality vegetable fats go to many international clients engaged in the manufacturing of confectionary products. Our  nuts and kernels goes to hypermarkets, supermarkets, retailers and household consumers for use in domestic food preparation. Our animal feeds are exported to feed thousands of live animals while our oilseeds are exported for further processing.
High Oleic Sunflower Oil
Refined Soybean oil

High Oleic Sunflower Oil is premium sunflower oil with minimum levels of 80% monounsaturated acids. It is often used in food and industrial applications where high monounsaturated levels are required. The oil has a very neutral taste and provides excellent stability without the need for hydrogenation. High Oleic Sunflower Oil offers a trans free solution for our customers.

Soybean oil is the world’s most widely used edible oil and is commonly called vegetable oil. Soybean oil is very popular because it is cheap, healthy and has a high smoke point.

Liquid soybean oil is low in saturated fat, contains no trans fat, and is high in poly- and monounsaturated fats. It’s also the principal source of omega-3 fatty acids and contains no cholesterol. Soybean oil has little flavour, which is an advantage because it won’t interfere with the taste of the food.

Refined Canola Rapeseed Oil

Rapeseed oil, also known as Canola, has a mild flavour and can be produced in either liquid or in solid form. It’s about 7% lower in saturated fats than any other oil, and benefits from more mono-unsaturated fats, which have shown to reduce blood cholesterol level.

Long Life Deep-frying oil

Long Life Deep-frying oil is a special mix of different types of edible oils specifically blended for long life requirements. It is characterized by its long life, contains no trans fatty acids and is cholesterol free. The oil is liquid at room temperature and can be put directly into the fryer. It drains off very well and gives a crispiness to your fried foods.

Refined Corn oil

RBD Corn Oil is produced from highly selected corn and is further refined to give excellent light and pure quality oil. The oil is naturally rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids and low in saturated fats. Corn oil is cholesterol free, light in colour and bland in taste. It reduces the risk of heart disease by reducing the bad cholesterol level in the body.

Refined Groundnut  or Peanut Oil

Groundnut (peanut) oil is high in mono-unsaturated fats and is more stable than any other type of oil. It usually does not require artificial additives. It is extremely robust and produces fewer flavour defects with long term use as compared with many other oils. Groundnut oil has a characteristic, slightly nutty taste whilst being odourless.

corn oil.jpg
Refined and Crude Palm Olein


RBD Palm Olein is widely used as a frying oil and much of its popularity is due to its good resistance to oxidation and formation of breakdown products at frying temperatures and longer shelf life of finished products. In fact, palm olein is considered as the gold standard in frying and is the most widely used frying oil in the world. It also blends perfectly with other popular vegetable oils.

Palm Shortening Oil

Palm shortening is palm oil with some of the unsaturated fats removed so that it is even more stable and has a thick, luxurious texture that is perfect for baking. The purpose of palm shortening is to replace traditional shortening, which is ridden with trans fats from industrial processing.

Refined soybean oil
Hydrogenated Soybean Oil

Hydrogenated Soybean Oil is soybean oil (from soy bean plant (Glycine max)), which is liquid at room temperature, that has been processed by adding hydrogen to make it more saturated. Hydrogenation increases the oil's stability and raises its melting point so that it is a solid at room temperature.

Blended Vegetable Cooking oil

A blended vegetable cooking oil is a mix of two edible oils where the proportion by weight of any edible vegetable oil used in the mixture is not less than 20 percent. The blend is supposed to conform to set standards and be clear, deodorized, free from rancidity and any other animal and non-edible oils, or fats


Crude Degummed Soybean Oil 


Crude Degummed Soybean Oil (CDSO) is pure but inedible soybean oil produced from fair to average quality crude soybeans. The majority of the free fatty acids and gums naturally present in soybeans are removed by hydration and mechanical or physical separation.

corn oil.jpg
corn oil.jpg

Linoleic sunflower oil


Linoleic sunflower oil is the original sunflower oil and until recently has been the most common type of sunflower oil. ... This type of sunflower oil is predominantly (65%) polyunsaturated. The type of polyunsaturated fat it contains is linoleic acid (an omega-6 acid) and is one of two essential fatty acids.

Organic cold pressed Safflower oil

Organic safflower oil is widely used in both cooking and cosmetics. This oil goes perfectly with salads, dressings and steamed vegetables.

Expeller Pressed Non-GMO High Oleic Organic Sunflower Oil

High Oleic Sunflower Oil is commonly used in food manufacturing, especially in the natural food sector.  It is non-GMO and is considered one of the healthiest oils on the market today.  It has a light, neutral flavor, light texture, very similar to Safflower Oil.  It also has a higher heat tolerance, making it ideal for cooking.

corn oil.jpg

Crude Degummed Rapeseed Oil


It is a mild-flavored vegetable oil also known as canola oil which is a good all purpose oil. It has the lowest polyunsaturated fat of any oil on the market. 
Crude degummed rapeseed oil has very low levels of saturated fat. It contains 59% mono-unsaturated fats and 30% poly unsaturated fats which contribute in lowering harmful LDL cholesterols. It is also a natural source of Vitamin E, a strong anti-oxidant which protects against heart diseases, cancer, ageing and for skin care.

Used Cooking Oil for Biodiesel 


Biodiesel is produced from triglycerides in the presence of alcohol with catalyst through transesterification reaction. The biodiesel production from waste cooking oil with methanol in the presence of nano-sized calcium oxide nano-catalyst was done at a laboratory scale.

Organic refined Safflower oil

Safflower oil is suitable for baking and roasting, but not for deep-frying and stir-frying. If the safflower oil is heated to too high a temperature, the flavour will be lost and a burnt flavour may develop.

corn oil.jpg

high erucic rapeseed oil

High erucic acid rapeseed (HEAR) is a specialty rapeseed selected for its high erucic content.  It has over 50% erucic acid and is grown as a key ingredient for plastics, personal care products and pharmaceuticals.


Organic high oleic sunflower oil crude

Expeller pressed, crude organic high oleic sunflower oil is refined, bleached and deodorized to produce a stable, non-hydrogenated oil with a light yellow color and neutral flavor.  It contains a combination of palmitic, stearic, and linoleic fatty acids, but is most desired for its high concentration of monounsaturated oleic acid.


Crude corn oil/Crude degummed corn oil

Crude corn oil is extracted from corn germ by squeezing or steeping with solvent. Full of fragrant scent and nutrition and with a typical corn flavor, it can serve as the refined raw material for margarine, salad and edible oil.


Sunflower Bakery Kernels (Hulled Sunflower Seeds)

Sunflower kernels bakery grade, organic and conventional quality, various bulk or retail packing under private label.

Striped Sunflower 22/64
Ukrainian raw striped sunflower seeds in shell type “CONFETA JAGUAR”


Pumpkin Seeds – Lady Nails (Raw & Roasted)

Pumpkin seeds are widely used for culinary purposes mainly due to the wide number of health benefits they provide. They are rich in minerals such as zinc, which helps to have a beautiful, smooth skin and strong bones.


Striped Sunflower Seeds Dakota 20/64

Ukrainian raw striped sunflower seeds in shell type 20/64
Packing: 20 kg PP bags, 40 feet container load – 21 tons net weight


Striped Sunflower Jaguar XL 4337

Sound and merchantable, pesticide, microbiological and analytical values are according to European Union laws.
Aflatoxin values within admissible standards by EU legislations.

Striped Оil Sunflower Seeds - bird grade “Badjer”
Sound and merchantable, pesticide, microbiological and analytical values are according to European Union laws. Aflatoxin values within admissible standards by EU legislations.


Black Oil Sunflower Seeds

The Black-oil seeds rank as the single best wild bird food. These small and thin inshell seeds are easy to open and are rich in fat and protein. Virtually every bird that visits backyard bird feeders eats black-oil seeds. They work well by themselves or as the primary ingredient in quality mixes.


Coriander Seeds
High quality coriander seeds natural and organic, supplied by D and I Evolution.


Flax Seeds

Flax seeds are rich source of nutrients and trace elements, dietary fibre and the essential alpha-linolenic acid. Moreover source of antioxidants, fibre and “good” fats, recent studies on flax seeds discover more evidence that these seeds can lower the risk of developing diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular diseases. The main omega-3 fatty acid in flax seed – alpha-linolenic acid can be of great benefit to the health of the cardiovascular system by preventing blood vessels from inflammatory processes that underlie the formation of atherosclerotic plaques. Protective effect on blood vessels, there is another component of flax seeds, namely the so-called. lignans.  Flax seeds has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the digestive system. It contains fibre, delays gastric emptying of food and thereby increase the absorption of nutrients. Moreover, the fibres regulating the intestinal peristalsis, and lower the risk of developing colon cancer.


Watermelon Seeds

Watermelon is delicious, but many people do have a clue how healthy are the watermelon seeds. The main benefits of watermelon seeds are:
The seed of watermelon provide some of the basic amino acids, including tryptophan and glutamic acid. Lysine plays an important role in the absorption of calcium and the formation of collagen and connective tissue in the body. Arginine helps improve metabolism, cardiovascular and sexual health.
Watermelon seeds are a good source of dietary fibre – both soluble and insoluble. They are useful for smooth and easy bowel movements and treatment of constipation.
Watermelon seeds are rich in magnesium, which is responsible for the normal functioning of the heart, promote normal blood pressure, support energy metabolism and protein synthesis.
Watermelon seeds were traditionally used to treat edema as a home remedy – a teaspoon of dry seeds of watermelon powder is consumed with honey.


Walnut Shell and Kernels

Walnut kernels rank as one of the top nuts, providing highest level of quality antioxidants.
The result of a new study presented to the National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society found that the noble walnut packed the highest level of quality antioxidants of any nut species.

Raw walnut kernels lower elevated blood sugar levels and high blood pressure to fight metabolic syndrome
Metabolic syndrome is a well studied and documented group of biomarkers and physical observations that are known to preclude many chronic and potentially life-threatening diseases, including cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Walnuts may help lower breast cancer risk.

Walnut kernels are highly nutritional because they are rich in easily digestible fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals and more. They are a valuable resource to the food and the cosmetic industry.


Hazelnuts in Shell and Kernels

The hazelnuts are extremely rich in vitamin E, which is a powerful antioxidant, and folic acid, which is necessary for the formation of red blood cells. Hazelnuts have almost no carbohydrates, and the fats contained in them are extremely few. Therefore, according to nutritionists the hazelnuts are extremely suitable for healthy diets.

Raw nuts contain 5,3% water, and about 88% of the fats in hazelnuts are unsaturated. Hazelnuts are rich in minerals – magnesium, copper, potassium and are a good source of fibre, containing also pantothenic acid and vitamin C. The fats obtained from hazelnuts, are more durable, as they resist rancidity, have a pleasant taste and are easily assimilated by the body. They contain lipotropic agents (methionine, choline, lecithin), as well as unsaturated fatty acids. The amounts of iodine found in hazelnuts is considerable.


Almond in Shell and Kernels
High Quality Almond Kernels – natural and organic, supplied by D and I Evolution


Apricot Kernels
High Quality Apricot Kernels – natural and organic, supplied by D and I Evolution


Pumpkin Kernels (GWS)

High quality pumpkin kernels – natural and organic, supplied by D and I Evolution


Cashew Nuts 

High quality Cashew Nuts – natural and organic, supplied by D and I Evolution


Sunflower seed meal 37% Protein

Sunflower meal is a byproduct of crushing sunflower seed for oil. The nutrient content of SFM varies with the processing method used for extracting the oil. Solvent extracted SFM has higher concentrations of protein and lower concentrations of oil and fiber compared with mechanically extracted SFM.

High Protein Soybean Meal 52%

Soybean meal is a product of soybean processing after oil extraction with the use of additional treatment involving heat and humidity. During soybean processing, the enterprise uses direct extraction with preliminary removal of the soy husks.

Bee Pollen Honey

Bee Pollen is an amazing, naturally occurring supplement and is among the most nutritious foods on the Planet as it contains every essential nutrient needed for perfect health.
Our Bee Pollen is collected from the richest wild flora in the world and contains no pesticides or chemicals. Bee pollen is rich in Vitamin B Complex (which gives energy) and carotenes, including vitamins C and E (potent antioxidants).

soya husk.jpeg

Soybean husk

Soybean hulls are a by-product of the extraction of oil from soybean seeds (Glycine max (L.) Merr.). After entering the oil mill, soybeans are screened to remove broken and damaged beans, and foreign material. Soybean hulls are light, flaky, and bulky.

Rapeseed meal.jpg

Rapeseed Meal 37% Protein

Rapeseed meal is the product of rapeseed processing after oil extraction with the use of additional treatment involving heat and humidity (toasting). The rapeseed processing employed at the factory is based on the fore-pressing/extraction method without the preliminary seed hull separation stage.

Lavender Honey
High quality lavender honey
Not pasteurized and pure
Recommended for:
conditions concerning the gastrointestinal tract
neurological conditions


Acacia Honey

Premium Acacia Raw, not pasteurized and pure.
Recommended for:
• Hemoglobin increase
• Stress relief
• Brain activity boost


WildFlower Honey
Premium Wildflower honey from Thistle, Thyme, Melissa, Nettle, Chamomile blossoms Raw, not pasteurized and pure
Recommended for:
• Respiratory tract problems
• Gastrointestinal tract problems
• Immune system boost


Red Kidney Beans

Moisture: 16.5% max 
Imperfect: 3% max
Size: 180-220 pcs/100g
Crop: New
Shape: Long
Processing:  Dried
Quality: High-clsss AAA
Cultivation Type: Common


White Kidney Beans

Moisture: 16.5% max 
Imperfect: 3% max
Size: 180-220 pcs/100g
Crop: New
Shape: Long
Processing:  Dried
Quality: High-clsss AAA
Cultivation Type: Common


Light Speckled Kidney Beans

Moisture: 16.5% max 
Imperfect: 3% max
Size: 180-220 pcs/100g
Crop: New
Shape: Long
Processing:  Dried
Quality: High-clsss AAA
Cultivation Type: Common


Green and Yellow Peas

Humidity % not more - 15.0
Trash admixture % not more - 0.4
Including mineral admixture % not more - 0.05
Eaten seed % not more - 0.5
Not peeled  seed %  not more - 3.0
Crushed pea % not more - 0.1
Ground pea and pea meal - Not admitted
Metallomagnetic admixture per 1kg of pea, not more (mg) -  3.0
Infectiousness by crop plants pests - Not admitted

IMG_7263 (DESKTOP-9UOTTFC's conflicted copy 2021-07-23).jpeg

Whole and Split Lentils

Foreign Matter : 1% MAX.
Total Damage & Discolored Grain: 3% Max
Purity: 99% Minimum by weight.
Varietal restriction: 1% Max by weight
Moisture: 12% Max.
Size 3.0-5.0mm
insects & pesticides free

soya b.webp

Non-GMO Soybean Seeds

Weight : 54 Ibs/bushel
Protein : 35.5%min
Fat : 6%max
Fiber : 7%max
Ash : 6%max
Oil : 18%min
Moisture : 13%max
Impurities : 1%max
Broken : 10%max
Discoloration : 1%max

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